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The Complete Burns' Piper

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The Compete Burns' Piper should be every bagpiper's companion to a perfect Burns Supper.

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The Compete Burns' Piper should be every bagpiper's companion to a perfect Burns Supper.

The Tunes include:

    4/4 Marches

    • A Man’s a Man
    • Auld Lang Syne
    • The Lea Rig
    • MacPhersons Rant
    • Killiecrankie
    • Rantin’ Rovin’ Robin
    • Ye Jacobites By Name
    • The Star o’ Rabbie Burns

    6/8 Marches

    • The De’ils Away Wi’ the Exciseman
    • Up in the morning early
    • The Quakers wife
    • Kenmuirs up and away, Willie
    • The mucking o’ Geordie’s byre
    • Lord Breadalbane (or The carles wi’ the breeks)
    • The Campbells are coming
    • O’er the water to Charlie
    • Bonnie Dundee
    • My Tocher’s The Jewel
    • Bannocks o’ barley meal
    • Green grow the rashes, O

    2/4 Marches

    • Corn rigs (are bonny)
    • I’ll gang nae mair tae yon toon
    • Highland laddie
    • Andrew and his cutty gun
    • Duncan Gray
    • My love she’s but a lassie yet
    • Willie brewed a peck o’ maut
    • I’m o’er young to marry yet
    • Miss Forbes farewell to Banff
    • O’er the hills (and far away)
    • John Highlandman (Abercairney Highlanders)

    Slow Airs

    • Ae fond kiss
    • My lodgings on the cold ground
    • HighlandMary/ Kaitrine Ogie
    • Scots wha have


    • Rattlin’, roarin’ Wullie
    • I hae a wife o’ ma ain
    • My wife’s a wanton wee thing
    • Brose and Butter


    • Green grow the rashes, O
    • Johnnie Cope


    • Roslin Castle
    • The birks o’ Aberfeldie
    • Tulloch Gorum
    • The Cameronian rant
    • The Rothiemurchus rant
    • Whistle o’er the lave o’t
    • Highland Harry back again
    • Coming through the rye


    • The braes o’ Balquhidder
    • The reel o’ Stumpie
    • The eight men o’ Moidart
    • Jackie Latin
    • The wind that shakes the barle