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Bannatyne Moisture Control Sleeve

Artikelnummer: 1113

bottle trap and complete canister of gels to reduce moisture within the bag

40,00 €
Sofort lieferbar

A silica gel based moisture control system giving longer playing time, excellent airflow, no restriction to chanter reed, great starts and stops, easy to install with direct connection to stocks, easily adjustable to suit any climate and easily adjustable to suit wet or dry blower.

The features which make this system efficient and reliable are:

Longer Playing Time

  • Excellent Air Flow with no restriction to Drones or Chanter
  • Starts and Stops are easier
  • Easy to Install and Remove
  • Clear Canister allows easy checking of gel colour change from orange to dark green
  • Adjustable to suit any climate
  • Can adjust to suit individual depending on wet or drier blower
  • Can use for drones only
  • Gels absorb more (70% absorption) giving longer playing time in between drying
  • No dust particles
  • Strong flexible hoses prevent collapsing
  • Hoses colour coded to ease fitting

Comes complete with spare canister and extra gels.