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Andante TG Bassdrum-Carrier

Artikelnummer: 7064

Bass Drum Carrier

Lieferzeit 1 Woche


  • Both TG Snare and TG Bass Harnesses are made from a strong aluminium alloy with flexible properties.

  • The TG Snare and TG Bass Harness come complete with padded neoprene shoulder straps for comfort.

  • The TG Snare Harness was designed to integrate with the Andante Snare Drum handle seamlessly, this in turn gives a more reliable attachment. It is also supplied with an eyebolt for ease of attachment to other products.
  • The TG Bass Harness was designed to integrate with the Andante Bass Drum 3 point bass plate attachment. An eye hook or snap clips secure the Bass Drum while the rubber stoppers stabilize the drum for the players comfort

  • A 5mm T-key can be used for all adjustments on the harnesses.

  • The TG Snare and TG Bass Harness both have collapsible shoulder supports, this makes it easy to store and transport.