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Cabar Feidh Collection

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Cabar Feidh Collection of the Queen's Own Highlanders

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Cabar Feidh Collection of the Queen's Own Highlanders - A great collection of tunes from the Queens own Highlanders Regiment. Also contains a good description of the history of the Regiment. This is a great book for anyone with interest in the Highland regiments and the pipe bands that served with them.

Tunes in this book:

1st Batt. Queen's Own Highlander's Farewell To South Armagh
2nd Bn. 51st Highland Volunteers To Farewell To RSM M.MacLeod
42nd's Farewell To Major G. B. Murray, The
51st Highland Division, The
91st At Modder River, The
9th Battalion Gordon Highlanders Crossing The Irrawaddy
A Luaidh (My Dearest)
A. A. Cameron
Aged Bard's Wish, The (Creag Guanach) with Counter Melody
Ale Is Dear (Tha Leann Daor Aig Na Gillean)
An T' Alltan Dubh (The Dark Stream)
Angela's Wedding
Archie Campbell Of The 51st Highland Division
Ardvasar Blacksmith, The
Argyll And The Isles
Arthur Gillies
Auld Wife Ayont The Fire, The
Battle Of Waterloo, The
Bert Sutherland
Black Isle, The
Boatman, The (Fear A'Bhata)
Bonnie Argyll
Bonnie Strathyre
Bonnie Wells O'Wearie, The
Bonny Gallowa'
Bowmore Reel (Miss Girdle) (Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
Bride's Jig, The (Lord Dunmore's Jig)
Brig O' Perth
Brown Haired Maid, The (Ridhle Mo Nighean Donn)
Bugle Call, The
Burma Rifles March Past, The
Cabar Feidh
Cabar Feidh
Caller Herrin'
Calon Lan
Caore Crom (The Ewe Wi' The Crookit Horn)
Captain Alec Fraser
Captain H. B. H. E. Monro
Captain Noel Chavasse VC
Castle And Keys
Chiefy's March
Chisholm Castle (Erchless Castle) (Part Of The Crimean Rev.)
Chocks Away
Chris Dillon's Welcome To Ullapool
Cogadh-Bo-Sith (War Or Peace,The True Gathering Of The Clans)
Colin's Cattle (Crodh Chailein)
Colonel Robertson Mac Leod's Farewell To Tulliallan
Come By The Hills
Coolin Hills, The
Creag Guanach (The Aged Bard's Wish) With Counter Melody
Crimean Reveille, The
Crodh Chailein (Colin's Cattle)
Cromdale Hornpipe, The
Dark Stream, The (An T' Alltan Dubh)
David Boswell's Walkabout
Devil In The Kitchen, The
Doctor Sydney Peace, Kirkwall
Domhnull Mac-A-Phi (Donald Mac Phee)
Donald Cameron's Powder Horn
Donald Mac Lennan's Tuning Phrase
Donald Mac Leod
Donald Mac Leod
Donald Mac Phee (Domhnull Mac-A-Phe)
Donella Beaton
Dornoch Links
Drive Home The Mainlanders
Duck, The
Duirinish Piping Society, The
Duncan Lamont
Duncan Lamont
Edinburgh Castle
Elgin Cathedral (The Lantern Of The North)
Eochar Reel, The
Erchless Castle (Chisholm Castle) (Part Of The Crimean Rev.)
Evan Mac Rae's Beard
Ewe Wi' The Crookit Horn, The (Caore Crom)
Fair Maid Of Barra, The
Fair Young Mary (Mhairi Bhan Og) (With Counter Melody)
Farewell To Colonel R. D. Mac Lagan, C. B. E., M. C.
Farewell To Lord Louis Mountbatten
Fear A' Bhata (The Boatman)
Follow My Highland Soldier
Galloway Hills, The
Galway City
General George Patton- U. S. Army
General Hunt's Welcome To The Queen's Own Highlanders
Glasgow Police March Past (Sands Of Loch Bee)
Governor's Installation, Edinburgh Castle, The
Granny Duncan (Johnnie Crockle)(Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
Green Glens Of Antrim, The (With Harmony)
Gur Milis Mhorag
Gurkha Signals Farewell To Serembam, The
H. M. King Carl XVI Gustav Of Sweden
Hasten And Come With Me (Tuigann Leum's Dean Caghag)
He's Over The Hill That I Love Well
Hebridean Polka, The
Hecky Morrison
Heroes Of St. Valery
Hielan' Laddie
Highland Reel
Highland Whiskey
Hong Kong Highland Gathering
Inveresk House
Inverness Gathering, The
Inverness Piping Society
Jack Mc Laughlin
Jim Barrie
Jimmy Mac Kenzie, Stornoway
John Rennie
John Roy Stewart
Johnnie Cope (Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
Johnnie Mac Intyre
Johnny Cope
Johnny Crockle (Granny Duncan) (Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
Kathleen Gillies
Kyle Alexander
Lad That Wears The Plaid, The (The Rose Among The Heather)
Laird Of Cockpen, The
Lament For Rory Mor (Tog Orm Mo Phiob)
Lament For The Earl Of Seafield
Land Of Trees (Tir'Nam Croabh)
Lantern Of The North, The (Elgin Cathedral)
Lass Of Gowrie, The
Last Parade, The
Leaving Barra
Leaving Eriskay
Leaving Ireland
Lewis Soldier, The
Lieutenant Colonel A. A. Fairrie's March
Lieutenant Colonel A. S. Duncan
Lieutenant Colonel D. J. S. Murray
Lieutenant Colonel D. R. Mac Lennan
Lieutenant Colonel George Latham's Fancy
Lieutenant Colonel H. K. Kemble Of Knock
Lieutenant Colonel I. G. Nason's Farewell
Lieutenant Colonel J. C. O. R. Hopkinson
Lieutenant Colonel R. D. Mac Lagan, C. B. E., M. C.
Lieutenant Colonel Robin Campbell, D. S. O.
Lieutenant Colonel S. Gair (The Road To Gerinish)
Lieutenant General Sir Derek Lank, K.C.B., D.S.O., M.C.
Lieutenant Patrick J. F. Graeme's March
Lindsay's Lament
Liverpool Scottish Salute To "Tiny" Barber (With Seconds)
Loch Carron
Lochaber No More
Lochiel's Welcome To Glasgow
Logie O'Buchan
Lord Dunmore's Jig (The Bride's Jig)
Lord Simon (Morair Sim)
Lovat Scouts, The
Mac Gregor Of Rora
Maiden Of Morvern, The
Major C. M. C. Crowe
Major Forbes, 78th Highlanders
Major General Frank Richardson
Major I. M. Fraser's Farewell
Major S. H. R. H. Monro's March
Mason's Apron, The
Merrily Sailing
Merry Blacksmith, The (Paddy On The Railroad)
Merry Lads Of Dornoch, The
Methven Castle
Mhairi Bhan Og (Fair Young Mary)
Mhuinntir A' Ghlinne So (People Of This Glen)
Michael Joseph Mac Kinnon
Miss Girdle (Bowmore Reel) (Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
Mister And Mrs. Peter Mac Lean
Mo Run Gael Dileas (My Faithful Fair One, The Torloisk Song)
Morair Sim (Lord Simon)
Mrs. Donald Mac Leod
Mrs. Dugald Matheson (The South Uist Emigrants)
Mrs. Mac Donald Of Uig
Muile Nam Fuar Bheann (Mull Of The Cool High Bens)
Mull Of The Cool High Bens (Muile Nam Fuar Bheann)
My Dearest (A Luaidh)
My Faithful Fair One (Mo Run Gael Dileas, The Torloisk Song)
Neil Robertson, West End Hotel
Over The Chindwin
Paddy On The Railroad (The Merry Blacksmith)
Paddy's Leather Breeches
Pathan War March, The (Zakhmi Dil, The Wounded Heart)
Patrick Mc Govern
People Of This Glen (Mhuinntir A' Ghlinne So)
Phantom Piper Of Corrieyairack, The
Pibroch Mac Kenzie's Farewell
Piobaireachd Dhomhnuill Duibh
Pipe Major Andrew Venters
Pipe Major Donald Mac Lean, Of Lewis
Pipe Major Iain Morrison
Pipe Major R. H. Mac Phee's Reel
Pipe Major Willie Young's Fancy
Pretty Apron, The
Prince Charles's Welcome To Lochaber
Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell To Brunei
Queen's Own Highlanders Farewell To General Sir James Cassels
Queen's Own Highlanders Polka, The
Rakes Of Kildare, The
Richmond Lass, The
Ridhle Mo Nighean Donn (The Brown Haired Maid)
Road To Gernish, The (Lieutenant Colonel S. Gair)
Rose Among The Heather, The (The Lad That Wears The Plaid)
Rose Tree, The
Ross Battery, The
Sae Will Ye Sat (Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
Salute To Lt. Col. David Blair
Sandy Finnie
Scottish Piping Society Of Witwatersrand, The
Sgaoth Sgadan (Shoals Of Herring)
Sheila's Lullaby
Shoals Of Herring (Sgaoth Sgadan)
Sir Thomas Wardle Of Western Australia
Skylark's Ascension, The
Sodger's Return, The (Part Of The Crimean Reveille)
South Uist Emigrants, The (Mrs. Dugald Matheson)
South Uist Hornpipe, The
Sporting Jamie
Susan Mac Leod
Tenth Anniversery, The
Tha Leann Daor Aig Na Gillean (Ale Is Dear)
Tha Mi Duilich
Thailer A Bha Me, Sherridh Is Feader A Thuair Me
Thief Of Lochaber, The
Tir'Nam Croabh (Land Of Trees)
Tog Orm Mo Phiob (Lament For Rory Mor)
Torloisk Song, The (Mo Run Gael Dileas, My Faithful Fair One)
True Gathering Of The Clans,The (War Or Peace,Cogadh-No-Sith)
Tuigann Leum's Dean Cabhag (Hasten And Come With Me)
Vancouver Police Pipe Band, The
War Or Peace (The True Gathering Of The Clans,Cogadh-No-Sith)
Willie Mac Rae Of Ullapool
Wiseman's Exercise
Wounded Heart, The (The Pathan War March, Zakhmi Dil)
Ye Jacobites By Name
Zakhmi Dil (The Pathan War March, The Wounded Heart)